Zulu, F. P.


Rhipicephalus maculatus Neuman 1901 (Acari: Ioxodidae) on Indiegenous Breeds of Cattle in the Southern Province of Zambia, By F. P. Zulu, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.9, no.1, September 1991, Pg. 14-21


Rhipicephalus maculatus Neumann, a rare tick in Zambia usually recorded from the buffalo, has been found on indigenous breeds of cattle at Harmony farm, an experimental range near Choma in the Southern Province. The ranch adjoins the Kafue national Park and the cattle are known to mix fairly frequently with buffalo and other wild animals. It is probable that the buffalo could be a source of this tick on cattle. The ranch is also within the Corridor disease area. For possible future studies on this tick, the male and female are redescribed and illustrated.

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