Marine Science Research Center Water, Energy and Environment


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We are a team of qualified and competent researchers and laboratory staff with the mandate to conduct research, offer consultancy and analytical services in two areas i.e. Water, Energy and Environment.

Lab technician working in the Labs

The programme has two main areas of focus, research and development activities in water, energy and environment in order to ensure their sustainable utilisation. The programme also carries out quantitative and qualitative surface and underground water quality assessments especially in Lusaka cholera prone and urban settlements.

Lab technician working in the fields

Biogas is a clean source of energy which can be derived from organic matter, including animal waste such as cow dung and human manure  Biogas can be used for lighting, cooking, science experiments, driving a turbine to generate electricity, etc  Contributes to reduction in carbon emissions (e.g. charcoal burning) hence mitigating climate change. Bio gas project exhibited at the agriculture commercial show


    We conduct needs-based research to improve people's livelihoods by promoting low cost technologies utilizing local materials. Example of previous and ongoing studies include:

    • Promotion of Biogas technology as an alternative energy source for cooking, heating and lighting in rural Zambia. pdf
    • Production of fuel grade ethanol from locally available raw materials.
    • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Moringa oleifera seed powder as a coagulant in water treatment.
    • Water quality assessmentS in Cholera-prone areas of Lusaka, Zambia.
    • Characterisation of Biosolids and Evaluating the Effectiveness of sun drying beds as a biosolids stabilization method in Lusaka, Zambia
    • Water Quality Assessments in New residential areas in Lusaka

Consultancy and Analytical Services

  • We provide water quality testing services to a range of clients from individual to private water scheme providers and mining companies. We analyse for parameters in Microbiology, Wet Chemistry and the Heavy Metals.
    We offer consultancy, internships and laboratory demonstration to students.

Our mark of excellence is in upholding our core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Credibility, Team work and innovativeness at all levels of operations and ensuring quality results by adhering to the institute's quality policy which fulfils the international standard, ISO/IEC 17025: 2005.