Wanchinga DM & Sonenshine, DE


Observations on the feeding and development of Amblyomma maculatum Koch 1844 (Acrina: Ixodidae): Effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in host diets, by D.M. Wanchinga & D.E. Sonenshine, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.3, no.2, April 1978. Pg. 25-30


Observations were made on the feeding and development of Amblyomma maculatum Koch, 1844, fed on rats. Rattus norvegicus, maintained on diets deficient in vitamins A and K, thiamine, calcium and sodium. The life-cycle of the ticks fed on albino rats maintained on sodium and vitamin K-deficient diets was accelerated. The duration of the sodium deficient ticks averaged 120.6 days in the case of vitamin K starved ticks. Ticks which fed on rats maintained on a calcium-deficient diet laid fewer eggs, and had lower hatching and moulting success than the controls. No effect on the life-cycle was observed for ticks fed on rats supplied with thiamine and vitamin A-deficient diets.

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