Food Science and Technology  


Preliminary study of the sugar utilization by yeast cultivated in masuku and mpundu juices using radioactive tracers, by A. Alian; G.M. Chishimba & C.E.A Lovelace, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.3, no.2, April 1978, Pg.31-34


The rate of utilization by yeast of the sugars present in masuku and mpundu has been investigated. Yeast cells were cultivated in the fruit juice mixed with the labelled sugars (14C). The evolved carbon dioxide and the consumed oxygen were determined by Warburg manometry then the specific activity of 14CO2 was counted using the scintilation spectrometer technique. It was found that the sugars preferred by yeast were in the order glucose, sucrose, fructose, ribose and galactose in both aerobic and anaerobic cultivation, with a much lower sucrose utilization observed in mpundu juice than masuku.

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