Sovjak, R


Assessment of microbial settlement of female cattle's genital tract in Zambia, by R. Sovjak, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.3, no.1, January 1978, Pg. 17-16


Microbial settlements of 20 dams' genital tracts before and after parturition were observed and 222 uteri were microbiologically examined. Similar microflora occurred in healthy cows, cows with vaginitis and in pregnant animals. It was concluded that the results of bacteriological examination have to be assessed in relation to the clinical findings and to the results of the quantitative examination of samples. Under a good management ubiquitous germs may negatively affect the course of puerperium but do not cause sterility whereas under unfavourable conditions the same germs evoke metritis of various degrees leading to infertility.

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