Shehata, MA


Field Studies in Schistosomiasis in Zambia: 2: Seasonal Cercarial Transmission Potential of Schistosoma Mansoni in Muchinshi, by M.A. Shehata, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.9, no.2, December 1991, Pg. 1 -- 14.


A 3-year study of cercarial transmission of S. mansoni in Muchinshi - Copperbelt province was made. Although the transmission took place all year round during each year period, it was found that in each year there was season of high transmission for S. mansoni during the warm wet season (November-March) and followed by season of low transmission during the cold dry season (April - August). However, a negligible transmission could have taken place during the hot dry season (September - October). The results together with those of some supplementary human schistosomiasis studies, throw some light on the dynamics of transmission under natural conditions and provide a basis upon which to design a rational control programme using molluscicides.

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