Sharma, TC


Some Hydrological Characteristics of the Zambian Headwaters, by T.C. Sharma, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.7, October 1984, Pg 12-21.


The hydrology of the Zambian headwaters, in particular rainfall, runoff and evapotranspiration characteristics are described. Three basins, viz, the Chambeshi basin upstream of the Chambeshi road bridge, the Upper Kafue upstream of the Kafue Hook bridge and the Upper Zambezi (Zambian portion) Upstream of Livingstone have been studies. Analyses have indicated that rainfall decreases from north to south, with its variability decreasing in the reverse order. The river flows are comprised of nearly 50% water as base flow and remaining 50% as direct runoff. The runoff coefficient are near to 0.20 in the upper reaches of the headwaters and are influenced by deforestation, mining and urbanisation to a significant extent. The Lukanga swamps (Upper Kafue basin), and Zambezi flood plains and Chobe swamps (Upper Zambezi basin) tend to evaporate huge amounts of water. The headwater regions of Zambia appear to be gifted with an abundance of surface water resources which could be put to beneficial uses such as for agriculture and for hydropower generation.

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