Food Science Research Centre (FSRC)

The Food Science Research Centre (FSRC), formerly Food Technology Research Unit was established to conduct scientific research that promotes value addition to agriculture food crops thereby improving the quality of life for Zambians. In addition, the Center provides technical support to food manufacturers in food processing, safety and quality assurance.

  Water, Energy and Environment Programme (WEEP)

Water, Energy and Environment Programme is among other programmes under NISIR.The programme has facilities which include a water-chemical Analytical Laboratory, Micro-biological and Energy Laboratories. Its energy pilot plant, previously hosted a joint venture to produce clay cook stoves, bricks, tiles and importantly Coal briquettes.

  Nuclear Energy Applications and Analytical Programme (NEAP)

Nuclear Energy Applications and Analytical Services is one of the program offered at the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research Head qaurters. The mandate of the programme is to conduct scientific research using nuclear analytical techniques and application of nuclear technology. The programme is specialized in Radiometric and Nuclear Analytical Techniques

  Information and Communication Services(ICSP)

The programme manages national documentation on Science and Technology, a Library, Publishing of the NISIR newsletter and maintaining the Information Technology infrastructure for the institute. It has a printing facility and hosts a TEVETA registered National Training Tele-Center equipped for E-learning and ICT based training.

   Animal Science Research center

Animal Science Research center Located in Chilanga, and houses the following Laboratories:

  • The Livestock Productivity and Disease Control
  • National Biotechnology

  Plant Tissue Culture Technology

Plant Sciences Research center is located in Riverside, Kitwe. The programme implements research in 4 active projects:

  • Plant Tissue Culture Technology
  • Cassava improvement project
  • Jatropha and Eucalyptus projects
  • Consultancy services to stakeholders especially farmers in plant protection that include disease and insect pest diagnosis of different crops.

   Materials, Engineering and Technical

The programme activities are directed at developing new materials, applications, technologies and products for industrial use and providing engineering services to clients. It consists of Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Glassblowing, Building materials, Ceramics and Industrial minerals; and textiles materials.