Nwankwo, Elinder, Piscator, Lind


Cadmium in Zambian cigarettes: an interlaboratory comparison in analysis, by J.N. Nwankwo, C.G. Elinder, M. Piscator & B. Lind,Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.2, no.4, October 1997, Pg. 1-4.


Cadmium in reference materials and in Zambia cigarettes has been analysed independently by the National Council for Scientific Research, Zambia and by the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, both employing atomic absorption Spectrophotometry. Results of cadmium concentrations agree well, indicating good accuracy of the methods employed in both laboratories. Zambian cigarettes on an average contain about on fifth of the cadmium concentration in cigarettes produced in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

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