Nuclear Energy Applications and Analytical Services (NEAASP)

Nuclear Energy Applications and Analytical Services is one of the program offered at the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research Head qaurters. The mandate of the programme is to conduct scientific research using nuclear analytical techniques and application of nuclear technology. The programme is specialized in Radiometric and Nuclear Analytical Techniques (EDXRF, Gamma Spectrometry, Alpha Spectrometry, Radon monitoring & Fast Neutron Activation Analysis)& Radiation processing.


“To undertake peaceful application of nuclear science and technology in research to effectively and efficiently to address the needs of the industry and promote innovation”.


“To be a Centre of excellence in nuclear science and technology in Zambia”

    Analytical/Consultancy Services Offered

    • Measurement of Radioactivity in environmental Samples
    • Measurement of Radon Gas in dwelling places and mines
    • Analysis of heavy metals in water, geological, food and other environmental samples
    • Analysis of non-metals such as nitrates, sulphates, phosphates and other salts in various environmental constituencies.
    • Consultancy in Radiological Environmental Monitoring , Impact Assessment and Radiological Risk Assessment
    • Expert advice / training on safety and radiation protection
    • Irradiation services of various material for sterilization, shelve life extension, mutation or different purposes depending on the needs of a client.


Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (EDXRF)

XRF is a non-destructive multi-elemental analytical technique which employs excitation of samples using radioisotopes (gamma emitters) or X-ray generators. Industrial application mining, cement, oil, polymers, plastics, forensics, mining and mineralogy, and geology. For environmental analysis, XRF can be used to assess heavy metal pollution of water and air. XRF is also widely used in glass and ceramics research and pharmacy.

Gamma Spectrometry

The spectrometer uses a High Purity Germanium Detec-tor (HpGe) to measure low level radioactivity in a wider range of materials including: environmental samples (Water, soils and sediments), biological samples, food-stuffs (grains and cereals, milk) and geological samples (mineral ore).

AB-Radon Monitor

Used for radon gas measurements. The naturally radioactive noble gas radon (222Rn) is present in the air outdoors and in all buildings including workplaces. It is thus an inescapable source of radiation exposure both at home and at work.