Nomai, Kaoma & Engelman


Mössbauer Spectroscopy Study of the Oxidation Products of the Zambian Ilmenite-Haematite Ore Specimen, by M. Nomai, J. Kaoma, P. Hayumbu and H. Engelman, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.9, no.1, September 1991, Pg. 43-51.


Mössbauer spectroscopic study was conducted to identify the phases constituting the products of oxidation of a Zambian ilmenite ore sample. Spectra of the ore sample as received indicates that it is a solid solution of ilmenit (62%/w) and hematite (38%/w). Spectra of the ore oxidized in the 873 - 1473 K temperature range at different periods of time reveal that: (i) at temperatures below 1173K, hematite and titanium dioxide are the major solid phases; (ii) at 1173 K < T < 1473 K, a third phase besides hematite and titanium dioxide appears and is a product of reaction of hematite and titanium dioxide; and (iii) at T < 1473 K, the pseudo-brookite is the sole major phase. The phase transformation of the ilmenite ore sample upon oxidation at high temperature is discussed.

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