Mulaisho, C


Thyroid Scanning and Thyroid 1311% Uptake in Zambia, by Chilango Mulaisho, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.6, no.1, March 1981, Pg.1-9


The pattern of thyroid scans and the range of thyroid 1311 percent uptake in Zambians has been established. The thyroid scans in clinically and chemically euthyroid, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid Zambians are in keeping with the findings on palpation of the glands in these states of thyroid function. In Zambia where the prevalence of endemic goitres is high thyroid scanning is extremely useful and complements estimations of thyroid hormones in blood.

The thyroid 1311 percent uptake at 24 hours in 23 euthyroid Zambians was 29.5 ± 18% (Mean ± 2SD) with a range of 17 to 46%. In 2 hyperthyroid subjects it was 78% and 81%, respectively, both being significantly greater than normal (P < 0.01). In the one hypothyroid patient it was 10%. At 6 hours the 1311% uptake in 22 euthyroid subjects was 16 ± 12% with a range of 8.28%. In the two hyperthyroid subjects it was 60.8% and 74.8%, respectively, both being significantly greater than normal (P < 0.01). Both the 6 hour and 24 hour 1311% uptake discriminate the euthyroid from hyperthyroid state but neither can accurately discriminate the euthyroid from the hypothyroid state. In the euthyroid subjects there was no difference in 1311% uptake between those who were and those who were not goitrous.

The high 24 hour 1311% in Zambians at present reflects the iodine deficiency state. When food items are iodized iodine deficiency will decrease and this uptake is expected to fall.

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