Materials, Engineering and Technical Services


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The programme activities are directed at developing new materials, applications, technologies and products for industrial use and providing engineering services to clients. It consists of Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Glassblowing, Building materials, Ceramics and Industrial minerals; and textiles materials.

Present and Past Activities

  • The Programme has continued to offer services in the repair and maintenance of scientific equipment to research programmes.
  • The programme did some work on the Wind Power station to focus on the improvement of electricity generation.
  • The programme has in the past supplied Zambia Electricity and Supply Corporation with porcelain reel and shackle insulators produced from NISIR's Ceramic Pilot Plant
  • Fabricates Scientific and creative Glassware
  • Scientific glassware is supplied to laboratories in the country for conducting experiments and quality control activities.
  • Produces different ceramic products and gives advisory services on clays.
  • Building materials and industrial minerals testing is done upon request by clients.

Porcelain Real and shackle insulator

    Mechanical Section


    The main objective of this project is to provide backstopping support to research and development activities at NISIR and other institutions so as to reduce on equipment down time. The project activities are repair and maintenance of various types of scientific equipment and other routine maintenance work.



    The overall objective is to produce and supply high quality shackle and reel insulators to institutions such as ZESCO for use in electrical installations.
    Production of shackles and reel insulators and other ceramic products from the abundant quality local clay deposits Read more

    Glassblowing Section


    The overall objective of this project is to provide effective support to research and development activities at NISIR and other institutions so as to reduce the cost of scientific glassware procurement and promote and enhance the conduct of scientific experiments in the education sector in Zambian.

To be a lead institution in providing scientific and technological solutions for sustainable socio-economic development of the nation