Kaposhi, Mwangala, & Others


The pattern of tick resistance to acaricides in Zambia, C. K. M. Kaposhi, F. S. Mwangala, M. Mundia, S. Chisembe, I. L. Banda and C. Mangoye, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol. 9, No. 1, Pp. 58 – 68, 1991.


Several ticks were observed to be resistant to acaricides. Boophiliw decolonitaw from Sinunental and Shangala, Rhipicephalus evert;i from Soiwezi, Kainseche and Sima­ponda and R. appeUdiaLlatiw from Makeni were all resistant to toiaphene. B. decotomtas from Sjnrniental, longe, and Galaunia were further observed to be resistant to dioiathion with w)w values of 0.18,0.04 and 0.09% w/v, respectively. An the strains tested against chiorfenviaphos and amitrat were susceptible. The di­dijoester groups in dioxathion were observed to be the taraet in the ticks which developed resistance to dioxathion as the same ticks were found to be resistant to carbophenothion (trithion) and its oxygen analogue.

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