Iwugo, KO_01


Batch treatability studies and the biodegradibility of industrial wastewater from a chrom-based tannery, by K.O. Iwugo, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.1, no.3, July 1976, Pg. 95-103.


The quality characteristics of industrial wastewater from a chrome-based tannery are presented. Under laboratory conditions supplementary phosphate was found to enhance the of degradation of the high organic content of the wastewater, causing a reduction of over 80% in Chemical Oxygen Demand [COD] after three days aeration of the tannery wastewater samples. Long-term biodegradability measurements at 25°C on the biologically treated tannery wastewater indicated that over 80% of the residual organic materials were degraded within 20 days and an incubation period of over 20 days was required for the commencement of the nitrification process. The results of the laboratory procedure used to investigate the optimum conditions for biodegradability of the wastewater samples are discussed.

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