Iwugo, KO_01


The Present status of the water pollution problems in the Kafue Townships areas, by K.O. Iwugo, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.1, no.1, January 1976, Pg. 29-33


The wastewaters originating from the Kafue Township area are predominantly of industrial origin. The most objectionable quality characteristics of the wastewaters, with respect to the protection of the water quality of the Kafue River at Kafue, can be removed more effectively by physio-chemical treatment processes than by conventional biological treatment processes. The Kafue River in the vicinity of Kafue Township is at present not threatened by the more familiar forms of water pollution problems such as putrescible matters and toxic metals but the less familiar forms of water pollution have manifested themselves in the river. The formulation of comprehensible consent conditions and standards of effluent discharges is identified as an urgent requirement in the Kafue Township area.

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