Hutchinson, P


A Systematic approach to the redesign of the raingauge network of Zambia, by P. Hutchinson, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.1, no.2, April 1976, Pg. 69-75.


Zambia's national raingauge network of about 500 gauges is inadequate and I its improvement is an integral part of development. The paper recommends a design of the network based on systermatic spatial variability of rainfall. The principal component analysis is used in the actual redesign of the network. The analysis shows that most of the Western and Northwesten Provinces require to be lightly gauged but parts of Luapula, Northern, Eastern and Central Provinces require a dense network. These findings agree very well with the results obtained by other methods. Based on the findings, recommendations of network densities are given.

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