Hudson, EJ


Tsetse Survey in the Lunsemfwa Valley, Zambia, by J.E. Hudson, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.6, no.1, March 1981, Pg. 20-27.


Tsetse were collected in the Shikabeta-Mboshya area from January to November, 1978, close to a known sleeping sickness focus, by human bait, a moving vehicle, stationary screen traps and searching houses and shelters. Many Glossina morsitans were captured throughout the area and a few G. pallidipes near streams. Tabnidae of 14 species were also caught. Trypanosoma vivax infections were found in 8.7% of 519 female and 6.1% of 2,228 male G. morsitans, and in 3.5% of 28 female and 6.6% of 121 male G. pallidipes dissected. One G. morsitants male (0.04%) was infected with T. congolense.

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