Hudson, EJ


Subspecific Identification of Glossina morsitans males from eleven localities in Zambia, by E.J. Hudson, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.4, no.1, January 1979, Pg. 7-11.


Machado and others have suggested that two subspecies of G. morsitans were represented in Zambia and that the males of G.m. morsitans to the east of the Great North Road were smaller and consistently separable by several external genitalia features from those of G.m. centralis to the west. But in 1978, males from five eastern localities were not significantly smaller than males from six western localities. The only clear difference between the male genitalia of eastern and western samples was the shape of the inferior claspers. According to this character, the male from one of the eastern localities, Chakwenga, belong to G.m centralis and not to G.m. morsitans.

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