Hans, AN


Variation in wood density of Eucalyptus grandis (Hill) Maiden and E. tereticornis Sm, by A.S. Hans, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.1, no.4, October 1976, Pg. 109-112


Wood density of two open pollinated families of Eucalyptus grandis [Hill] Maiden [0.426 g cm-3] and E. tereticornis Sm. [0.510 g cm-3] was determined. These were growing in a randomized block design with three replications at Chati [Copperbelt], Zambia. From each three four discs at 10, 30,50, and 70 per cent of tree height were sampled. The analysis of variance revealed significant difference between trees and between segments. The segment near the bark had higher density than inner segments near the pith. The increase in density from pith to the bark was approximately linear. A combination of two samples at 10 and 30 per cent height levels was the best estimator of average value of the tree.

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