Hans, A.S.


Early results of two year old provenances of Pinus Kesiya Royle ex Gordon in Zambia, by A.S. Hans, Zambia Journal Science & Technology, Vol.1, no.2, April 1976, Pg. 39-47


Growth characteristics, such as height, diameter, sinuosity, branch angle, branch thickness and number of basal shoots were assessed in two year old Pinus Kesiya Royal ex Gorton provenance’s. The provenance’s differ significantly in respect of height, diameter, branch angle, branch thickness and number of basal shoots. Provenance’s 2137 [Malawi], 2263 and 2264 [Philippines] and 1871 [Vietnam] are superior in height growth while the Thailand group of provenance’s are superior in diameter growth. Provenance’s 2263 [Philippines] seems to be adaptable over all sites. Laboratory, nursery and field records reveal no correlations between seed weight, germination per cent, survival and vigour of plants.

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