Guha, JP & Amarakoon, V


The Nature and ceramic properties of some Zambian clays, by J.P. Guha and V.Amarakoon, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.1, no.2, April 1976, Pg.59-68


Clay materials from three known deposits in Mkushi River, Masuku and Loshi were beneficiated and their ceramic properties investigated. Beneficiated clays from Mkushi and Masuku were white-firing china clays of low plasticity and high vitrification range. Firing properties indicated that these clays were suitable for use in the manufacture of whiteware ceramics. Beneficiated Loshi clay was a fine-grained siliceous ball clay, of high plasticity and high dry strength which appeared dark in the unfired state but fired to a dense buff-coloured body at relatively low temperatures. Physical characteristics and chemicals properties of this clay indicated that it could be utilize in combination with other white-firing clays.

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