Gihad, EA


Preliminary studies on the intake and digestibility of tropical feed-stuffs by goats and sheep indigenous to Zambia, by E.A. Gihad, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.2, no.1, January 1977, Pg. 18-22.


The intake and digestability of five feedstuffs were investigated using indigenous 'small Easter African' goats and 'Dorper' sheep. Dry matter intake, expressed on the basis of metabolic weight [W0.75], by goats was significantly higher [P<0.01] than that by sheep. Differences in nutrients digestibilities were not significant except for crude fibre which was higher for goats [P<0.01]. Better digestibilities of crude fibre by goats could be a favourable adaptation in the tropics where feed are scarce and fibrous.

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