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National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research, is a government institution set up by the Science and Technology Act No. 26 of 1997 through the Statutory Instrument No. 73 of 1998 after the repeal of the National Council for Scientific Research Act Cap 236 of the Laws of Zambia. NISIR is a government of Zambia funded institution. However, multilateral and bilateral cooperating partners fund specific projects of mutual interest.


The functions of the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research as stipulated in the Science and Technology Act of 1997 Section 4 and Statutory Instrument No. 73, are:-

  • To conduct and promote Scientific, Technological and Industrial Research in Zambia;
  • To carry out research in civil, mechanic, chemical, electronic and electrical engineering, nuclear science, textile technology, biotechnology, energy resources, industrial chemistry, food science, material science and natural products, information science, cartographic and location analysis
  • To liaise with other research bodies within and outside Zambia conduction similar research activities;
  • To cooperate and liaise with industries
  • To develop and maintain a vibrant relation with the business sector.


The institute is located on three Centers; the headquarters situated along the Lusaka International Airport Road, the Animal Science Research Centre located in Chilanga and the Tree Improvement Research Centre in Kitwe.

    • We conduct scientific research in food science and nutrition and add value to indigenous food crops through food processing, preservation and product development, in order to improve the quality of life for the people.
    • We provide technical expertise in the area of food science and technology through consultancy in food processing, safety and nutrition.
    • We also offer food analysis services as a means of quality control of the food raw materials and food products.
    • We training of staff. A new Laboratory established with help from IAEA especially in acquisition of equipment and training of the staff.
    • The Center Laboratory is able to measure body composition in two components i.e. Fat-free (lean) mass and fat mass by the use of isotopic technique which is a more accurate method (gold standard) to determine the nutrition status of people. In addition, the Laboratory uses other methods such as; Body Mass Index (BMI), Skin fold thickness, Body Circumference and Bioelectric. Impedance Analysis (BIA) in the assessment of nutrition status. The equipment used in these techniques are; Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR), Body Weight Scale, Stand metre, Callipers, Measuring Tapes and BIA.

To be a lead institution in providing scientific and technological solutions for sustainable socio-economic development of the nation


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Dr. Alick Muvundika


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