hipepa, Brown


Studies on the Localization of Typanosoma brucei in the Female Reproductive Tract of BKA Mice and Hooded Lister Rats, by J.A.S. Chipepa, H. Brown and P. Holmes, Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.9, no.1, September 1991, Pg. 1-5


A study was carried out to investigate whether or not Trypanosoma brucei migrated preferentially to the reproductive tracts of female BKA mice, or Hooded Lister rats, and lodged there as the site of choice compared to other organ systems. Blood flow to reproductive tracts, liver and spleen was measured using red blood cells labelled with chromium-51. The distribution of trypanosomes in these organs was also measured using trypanosomes labelled with 75Se-methionine. The average percentage of blood flow to the reproductive tract was 0.21 ± 0.08 in mice, while the mean concentration of trypanosomes there was 0.30% in both mice and rats. Blood flow to the liver was lower than the percentage distribution of Se-labelled T. brucei (5.17 ± 1.34 versus 8.1 ± 1.2). There were, on the contrary, less labelled trypanosomes as compared to the mean blood flow to the spleen (0.53% ± 0.18). It was also observed that after 24 hours there were adequate numbers of T. brucei in the reproductive tract to cause parasitaemia in recipient mice. From these preliminary data it was concluded that T. brucei did not lodge in the reproductive organ system as a site of choice.

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