Ashraf, M


Preliminary trials of sixty cultivars of grain Sorghum in Central Zambia, by M. Ashraf, Zambia Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.3, no.3, July 1978, Pg. 45-51.


The performance of 60 cultivars of grain sorghum (Sorghum vulgare Pers.) was studied under rainfed conditions in randomized complete block design at the University of Zambia Farm, Lusaka, Zambia in 1975-76. The objective was to determine the adaptability and to isolate high yielding, disease and pest resistant varieties. The results showed that the cultivars differed significantly for grain yield, height, and the stalk-borer attack varied for various cultivars from 459 to 2268 kg/ha, 88.0 to 137.5 cm, and 9.75 to 59.00% attacked heads respectively. Grain yield with stalk-borer attack was significantly negatively correlated (r = -0.46**). However, no association was found between plant height and grain yield or between plant height and the stalk-borer attack. Occurrence of fungal diseases, insect pests, and witchweed (Striga hermonthica) was significant. Based on the total performance, 14 cultivars were selected for further yield trials which would lead to final selection of suitable varieties for Zambian environments.

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