The programme is currently implementing research in 4 active projects (Plant Tissue Culture Technology, Cassava improvement project, Jatropha and Eucalyptus projects.

Plant Tissue Culture Technology

NISIR in Kitwe is using this micro propagation technique in various crops such as cassava, bananas, pineapple, sweet potatoes, eucalyptus, Artemisia, potatoes, and sugarcane. Activities in this research category include development of protocols for regeneration of whole plants from plant cells or tissue cultures, rapid multiplication of plants and conservation of germ-plasm of different crops.

Cassava Improvement project

This is a plant breeding project. Mutation breeding technique is being exploited for the development of new varieties of cassava. Field trials are being conducted in Mansa and at the center in Kitwe.

Jatropha project

The project is being implemented in conjunction with Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investments Holdings, Konkola Copper Mines and Mopani Copper Mines. The goal is to utilize Jatropha for the revegetation of mine wastelands or damp sites and/or for biofuel production.

Eucalyptus project

The project is being implemented in conjunction with ZAFFICO limited. The goal is to develop a protocol for micro propagation of eucalyptus that will be used for rapid multiplication of desired eucalyptus trees for establishment of plantations by ZAFFICO.

Other Services

Consultancy services to stakeholders especially farmers in plant protection that include disease and insect pest diagnosis of different crops.
Consultancy with respect to agronomic issues in various crops including natural products.


Micropropagation of Selected Eucalyptus Clones in Zambia



various clay types


Cassava Crop Improvement In Vitro Mutation Breeding


Glassblowing Section

Glassblowing Section showcasing some of laboratories aparatus produced for use within laboratories of the institution


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